Stainless Steel CrimpLink Pressfit System Benefits

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Stainless Steel CrimpLink Press fit is a product which has grown in use and popularity in South Africa due to its unique benefits which it provides to consulting engineers, quantity surveyors and plumbers. When this product was first brought to the South African market it was deemed to expensive and not suitable for use. This view has dramatically changed over the years due to a number of factors which we will cover in this article.

Before we go into the benefits of the solution here is an amusing anecdote of a recent installation;

“The Stainless CrimpLink system was being installed in a hospital, and the contractor had completed a section of underwall piping, plastered and cleaned up and moved on to a new section.

Another contractor came in after to install cupboards etc. and started drilling into the wall to fit his brackets. To his surprise he couldn’t drill his holes as he planned as the masonry drill kept running off from his markings. It was subsequently found that he was drilling onto the buried stainless tubing and the masonry drill was unable to penetrate it. He then had to re-position his intended brackets to suit the situation. One up for the plumber who normally would have suffered damage at his loss.”

First of all its a product which complies with SANS 1312:2008 & SANS 11179:2010 standards. This makes it unique and due to the improved pricing it is now also even more economical than copper tubing. How is this possible?

Copper is a very saleable material and has high resale value. This makes copper theft a major issue. The benefit of stainless steel is the resale value is low because it is difficult to remove and requires specialist equipment to melt down and create a quality product from it. Copper on the other hand can be easily re-purposed into a number of other products quickly and easily which makes it a very easily consumable product with a high resale value.

Installation Speed

This is where stainless steel and specifically the CrimpLink Press fit product comes into play. The solution can be easily installed with semi-skilled labour. The cost of installation is low due to the unique crimp process which with a rubber o-ring creates a secure seal when correctly crimped. It takes on average 60s to crimp a fitting. Traditional soldering will take between 5 and 10 minutes per solder and it doesn’t guarantee a 100% seal.

Ease of installation and strength

Due to the inherent strength of stainless steel the amount of supporting framework to keep the tubing in place is also reduced which ads a cost benefit. There is less likelihood of runs sagging due to length of tubing and the operating pressure will remain high for an extended period of time due to its crimped fittings and o-ring which seals each end of the fitting. Repair and replacing components is quick and easy without causing extended delays as sections can be replaced quickly and easily.

Difficult installations become easier especially when it comes to restricted or limited space. Replacing ageing piping is fast and efficient as you are not trying to use cutting and soldering equipment in restricted space and also working under time pressure which can add to mistakes. The additional concern of testing a solution after such a installation raises concerns in case a joint was not correctly soldered and sealed. Fixing these errors start driving up cost which affects overall project costs.


This is where you benefit from using the CrimpLink solution. It’s ease of installation, once off purchasing costs and installation speed and strong composition ensures increased value for money. the long term operating capability ensures low maintenance costs and this also includes the ease of installation repair or corrections. These factors all add to the overall value provided by the installation which reduces costs for all parties concerned.

Does this mean the Crimplink system is the only solution you should use? That depends on your needs and budget. Evaluate your requirements carefully to ensure you have a clear idea of what you have to accomplish. Once you have established the baseline requirements then speak with us to find out where the CrimpLink Press Fit system fits into the needs you have.

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