Frequently Asked Questions

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1) This is stainless steel, how expensive is it?

Depending on what system application one is comparing to, the following broad principles apply.

Compared to stainless steel schedule pipe welded system, the SS CrimpLink is very economical. The larger sizes such as 88.9 mm diameter and 108 mm diameter can be a little more expensive subject to the number of fittings per length of pipe. The more extensive the number of fittings per length of pipe the better the welded price performs. Installation time, though, is considerably faster with SS CrimpLink and allows one to do installations in relatively confined spaces.

When using a grade 441 stainless steel then tubing prices are all cheaper than that of copper. As dimensions increase in size then price variation becomes larger, such that we are only about 30 %  that of copper on 108 diameter  These factors are affected by grades of stainless steel used.

2) What is theft value of stainless steel?

Prime, clean grade of stainless gets about 70% less for scrap than copper. Stainless is much harder and mechanically stronger and subsequently not as easy to process for resale to scrap merchants. Theft allure is thus much less than copper pipe.

3) Does this product have a SABS/ SANS number?

Yes. SANS 1312 for tubing and SANS 11179 for the system. It does also have full EN certification.