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Stainless Piping Utilities has been operating in one form or the other since 1994. It finally developed into the leading company that it is today, supplying a range of Stainless CrimpLink (Press Fit) fittings and piping for use in potable water and hot water systems as used in hospitals, hotels, business blocks and major ablution facilities.


Our latest achievement was the supply for installation of pipe work for an ablution block going up to a maximum of 169 .3 mm Press Fit crimped. This is a first of for South Africa, with us being the only supplier so far able to supply this size.

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We are very involved with the supply of pipework for fuel systems used in alternative energy back up, to the point where this has become the only acceptable method for the environmental protection and general effectiveness.

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Piping sizes range from 15 mm outside diameter through to 108 mm diameter, 16 bar rated. We generally stock 76.2 x 2mm and 88.9 x 2mm tubing sizes, which are usually the favourite sizes used in the manufacturing of bull bars, as well as all other ranges as used in plumbing applications.

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We can work with you to develop an improved cost estimation based on long term life time value and reduced maintenance cost. We are comparable or even better than competitors products which use copper or plastic.